More Golf Lessons

My wife and I were playing golf with another couple who we had just recently met. Both of the wives were beginners. The other husband paid close attention to his wife’s attempt to master the game, giving her tips and advice throughout the round. As she became increasingly frustrated, he reassured her, complimented her even when she just hit the ball a few feet, and continued to adjust her grip and stance on every shot. I avoided my wife and let the caddie handle the delicate task of instruction. At the end of the round, both wives were tired and frustrated. My wife took me aside and said “Did you see how attentive he was with his wife, trying to help her and giving her encouragement? You just ignored me completely! Why can’t you be more like him?” At the same time, the other wife took her husband aside and said “Did you see how patient Eddie was, allowing his wife to enjoy her day without constantly criticizing her and telling her what to do? You didn’t stop badgering me! Why can’t you be more like Eddie?”

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2 Responses to More Golf Lessons

  1. George Krouse says:

    I learned a long time ago that there is no “upside” in offering one’s wife golf instructions. The good shot will always be theirs; the bad one always the result of poor advice. QED.

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