Lost in Translation

We had a big family reunion at our house this weekend for my father’s 8oth birthday (see Dad’s 80th Birthday). We hired someone to help serve and clean up, but she only spoke Spanish. We didn’t think this would be a problem because my wife (sorry, couldn’t resist) won an award for Spanish in high school. Unfortunately, the woman we hired must have spoken a different dialect than they do in Huntington, Long Island because she spent much of the day looking confused. We later discovered why when my daughter translated some of my wife’s instructions for us. Apparently, when my wife told her to wash the dishes, she thought she had been told to take a bath. She also misunderstood when my wife told her to help in the kitchen because apparently my wife told her to pet her pig. I then understood why the woman had been so affectionate to me all day.

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4 Responses to Lost in Translation

  1. skididdle gittel says:

    Amelia Bedelia! My children LOVED her.

  2. Willie says:

    reminds me of a friend of mine who mistakenly asked a waitress in Spain for “puta negra” instead of
    “pata negra”. (Black whore vs ham from a black Iberian pig)

  3. Stealthmommy says:

    Clearly time for all of you to reread Amelia Bedelia.

  4. bill says:

    Judging by the picture of the chico, I believe what was lost in translation were her expected tasks for the day. I hope your father’s heart is strong at 80!

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