I hate strawberries. They conjure an image of the red, bulbous, pockmarked nose of a rheumy-eyed weathered and wizened old sailor or, worse, Bill Clinton. I hate it when restaurants use strawberries as a garnish, cut and bleeding all over an otherwise perfect fruit plate or slice of cheese cake. I hate it when I sit near a woman wearing strawberry-scented lip gloss or perfume; I would rather be sitting on a packed airline flight in economy class with a cabin full of unwashed refugees. Hating strawberries and living in England is like an Eskimo living in Barbados. They really should have strawberry tasting as part of the UK citizenship test. I can’t go to Wimbledon, Henley, Royal Ascot, a dinner party or business/charity event without being faced with strawberries everywhere. And smoked or poached salmon too. Which I also hate!

What foods do you hate?

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5 Responses to Strawberries

  1. Pamela Adams says:

    It would be easier if you asked What I like to eat???

  2. Nicole says:

    I hate coconuts and milk. And coconut milk.

  3. DBR says:

    No strawberries?! That is getting close to rebellion. Do you give some slack to Strawberry Preserves with Peanut Butter on Wonder Bread like you had as a kid in Westberry? – the good old fashion PBJ? Also, I had my first experience at Pinkberry this weekend in Monterey (that is in Northern California for you east coasters), and I must give big cudo’s to their PBJ Sunday – Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt with Organic Strawberry Jam with Ice cold Toasted Bread Crumbs – it doesn’t get better than that!

  4. Monica says:

    I don’t like Okra. Everything else is pretty good. Except the fried insects you see in the Far East, that’s not too appetizing.

  5. Double A says:


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