Growing Up and Growing Old Through Literature

Almost forty years ago,  Comparative Literature Professor Arnold Weinstein and his young family were resident faculty living in my freshman dorm at Brown University bearing witness to one of my life’s first great transitions. The summer after graduation, my roommate and I visited Professor Weinstein and his family at their farm in Les Pyrenees as we made our obligatory ritual backpacking journey through Europe. Ever since, Professor Weinstein has been one of Brown’s most popular and distinguished teachers and scholars and his lectures on understanding life through literature have been “standing room only”. So it is a great honor that as one of my first posts, I can recommend Professor Weinstein’s new book, Morning, Noon and Night: Finding the Meaning of Life’s Stages Through BooksEnjoy.

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3 Responses to Growing Up and Growing Old Through Literature

  1. jan zlotnick says:

    I love this piece about the professor and his house in France I have so many morning, noon, and night memories of. And the roommate and his family I am lucky enough to continue to share them with. Slowin’ down with fast Eddie is being able to finally, maybe, just maybe, catch up with him!
    🙂 jz

  2. Double A says:

    Liking to graphic 🙂

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