Boca Raton Restaurants

Here are some of my favorite restaurants in Boca Raton (with a heavy Italian-Jewish bias):

  • Flakowitz Bagel Inn, 1999 N. Federal Hwy: Huge breakfast portions, free marble cake, service for masochists;
  • Toojay’s, Polo Shops, Regency Court or Glades Plaza: New York Style deli, excellent chicken soup and rugalach;
  • Matteo’s, 233 S. Federal Hwy: Family style Italian portions for sharing, Long Island roots, world’s best baked clams;
  • Chops Lobster Bar, 101 Plaza Real South, Steak, chops and seafood with a large and varied menu, excellent fun side dishes, nice ambiance;
  • New York Prime, 2350 Executive Center Drive: My favorite of many good Boca steakhouses, the biggest baked potato I’ve ever seen, cheesy live music that I secretly love; and
  • Arturo’s, 6750 N. Federal Hwy: Timeless old-fashioned Italian that reminds me of my Grandpa, a family favorite for special occasions, great antipasto buffet.
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