Gym Towels

I used to have a collection of really great gym towels. It took me years to collect them. They were mostly souvenirs of sporting events like Roland Garros, Wimbledon and The Belmont Stakes. Some of them were freebies that were handed out at Mets and Yankees games with sponsor’s names, such as Pizza Hut or Delta Airlines. None of them matched. They were thoroughly worn in, thin and prickly, like the kind that Burgess Meredith rubbed Sylvester Stallone down with in the original Rocky.

Unfortunately, one of the not-so-great things about our recent home renovation is that it was apparently the perfect opportunity for someone (no names) to throw out some of my favorite stuff and “upgrade” it.  My gym towels have been replaced with brand new fluffy color-coordinated towels with the very large word GYM embroidered on them. These will come in handy as I grow old because I will be able to read them easily and always remember where they go.  Maybe I should get a matching SHIRT and SHORTS. And take up BALLET.

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