My wife and I love the beach. A beach somewhere has been at the center of many special memories. Here are some of my favorites. Tell us about some of yours.

  • The Hamptons: We have a house in Bridgehampton that we love in part because it is close to the beach so we get the ocean breeze and fresh sea air. We are just a short walk or bike ride away and we often just go for a few hours in the late afternoon to read, talk or take a nap. Whenever we visit beaches in other parts of the world we always conclude that our beach in the Hamptons is the best. That’s our view and we’re stickin’ to it.
  • Caneel Bay (1980): We spent our honeymoon here. Located in St John, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caneel Bay of 1980 was a tranquil and elegant resort with seven relatively private beaches, no TV’s or telephones, and no nightlife other than each other. Unfortunately, we went back for our 25th anniversary and it had been updated with all the modern amenities and become “family friendly”, so now its just a memory.
  • Jones Beach (1960-70’s): My adolescent summer hangout in the days when we thought Johnson’s Baby Oil was the perfect suntan lotion and my tanned pumped guns looked great in a white “Guinea Tee”(or so I thought).
  • Montauk: My first beach vacation in the early sixties with my parents, ruined by my sister’s constant crying and non-stop rain, but it didn’t put me off beach vacations. Montauk is still one of my favorites with great waves, July 4th fireworks, fresh lobsters, and deep sea fishing trips.
  • Maldives: Family holiday for my eldest daughter’s 21st birthday, where we took a boat trip, went snorkeling and had a birthday picnic on a private sand bar. The Maldives are a stunning archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with thousands of islands that are actually the tops of an undersea mountain range that is quickly sinking. As the lowest country in the world, it may not be with us much longer, so get there soon.
  • Phuket: Another great family holiday at a private villa at the Amanpuri Resort in Thailand with some of the most beautiful water and sand we have seen, plus great food and service.
  • Boca Raton: It has long been our dream to have our own place right on the beach. We finally realized that dream when we bought a condo on the beach at One Thousand Ocean the Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club earlier this year.
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6 Responses to Beaches

  1. Willie says:

    Caneel Bay is the nicest beach I’ve been to but, Termoli, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Italy, and the Molise region of Italy overall, would be higher on my list considering the combination of beach plus scenery, sightseeing, history, food, wine, hospitality. I’d love to get to the Dalmatian Coast to see the other side of the Adriatic.

  2. Alice says:

    Beautiful home in Boca

  3. jamie says:

    How about adding the beaches of Fire Island? Same exact gorgeous beach as the Hamptons but without any cars in sight or smell. Most non New Yorker’s have no idea that we have the most beautiful beaches in the world here!

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