Whose is Whose?

People love lists and quizzes. Here is a list of stuff that belongs to either me or my wife (I can’t write about her, but what about her stuff?). Can you guess whose is whose?

  1. Onion goggles,
  2. A beer mug that looks like Winston Churchill,
  3. One William & Kate commemorative plate,
  4. One William & Kate tea towel,
  5. Eight William & Kate mugs,
  6. Cowboy boots,
  7. Nose hair clippers,
  8. 20 different-colored pairs of shoes that look like ballet slippers,
  9. 20 polo shirts in varying shades of blue and gray,
  10. 20 pairs of black pants in the same size,
  11. A wall-mounted stuffed striped bass,
  12. A rooster whittled out of a log and painted purple with turquoise tail-feathers,
  13. A collection of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues,
  14. Over one hundred pillows, and
  15. An Elvis lunch box.
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3 Responses to Whose is Whose?

  1. Phyllis C. Annunziato says:

    I think I know where that fish abides!

  2. Celine and John Lowrey says:

    Dispatch from Hecla, South Dakota (do not ask why) — we want to know why the large spectacle sign did not make the list……

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