White Pants

I was blinded by white pants this weekend. What is it about the summer that makes everybody think that they can wear white pants? I’m not just saying this because I’m jealous. It’s true that I can’t wear white pants. My butt is too big (no that’s not a picture of me, but it could be) and I always spill tomato sauce on myself. And I’m not complaining about tall slender women in tight white jeans (who can wear anything). I’m talking about everybody else. Particularly middle-aged, pot-bellied men who also feel compelled to complement them with white shoes and an aqua or coral linen shirt. Or men who wear the see-through kind with briefs instead of boxers. Or guys in white capris. Please! It’s a good reason for the rest of us to stay home until after Labor Day.

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4 Responses to White Pants

  1. Debbie Dale says:

    Men’s capris or shpantz as we call them. Somewhere between shorts and pants. Not a good look!

  2. skiddiddle gittel says:

    I think that picture is White Pants AND a THONG! (a topic you should write about)

  3. noirai says:

    just imagine the cellulites hidden below the pants : / Some loose would have hidden them.

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