People tell me that blogging is egotistical. Well, no kidding! Why else would I be sitting here writing this if I didn’t think what I had to say wasn’t important enough for you to waste two minutes of your day on? Why else would I be posting pictures of myself at all ages, weights and haircuts for your amusement if I didn’t think I was pretty damn cute? Why else would I be telling you about my family if I didn’t think they were special? Why else would I be writing about movies, books, theatre, music and restaurants if I didn’t think you cared what I liked? But most important, why are you still reading this if you think I have an inflated view of my self-importance? And why are you smiling?

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1 Response to Blogging

  1. Jamie M says:

    more important…and why are you up at 1am blogging?

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