Early Bird Specials

I ate dinner at 5:30pm today. No, not afternoon tea. Dinner! Yes, I am in Florida, the land of early bird specials. Three courses for $9.95 if you eat before 6pm. Choice of fruit cup or tomato soup, plus roasted chicken, steamed veg and Jello. No worms. And home in time for Wheel of FortuneYou should have seen the madhouse to get a table (somebody should offer a discount for eating after 7pm). Reminded me of the scrum at the jewelry counter at Fortunoff’s thirty years ago. Probably many of the same people. Not to mention the competition for handicapped parking spots. They apparently give handicapped parking stickers away for free down here. Sorry, gotta go. It’s getting late….. and I’m getting hungry.

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1 Response to Early Bird Specials

  1. skiddiddle gittel says:

    Did you take home half your meal for dinner the next night?

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