Christmas Wish

On December 24, 1961, six-year old Fast Eddie was interviewed in the Journal American newspaper and asked “What did you ask Santa to bring you this Christmas? He replied: “Nothing. I’m afraid of Santa Claus unless my sister is with me. I guess I’ll get something anyway. I’d like to get an electric train set, but I was afraid to ask him. Besides I wasn’t a good boy. I forget what I did but I know it wasn’t good. I think I didn’t look when I crossed the street.”

Fifty years later, I still conveniently forget what I did when I know it wasn’t good.

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6 Responses to Christmas Wish

  1. tuckbery says:

    Missed you, Eddie. Good to have you back.

  2. Alice says:

    I remember you when!

  3. Celine says:


    Merry Christmas, I’m happy to see that you’re back writing!

  4. skiddittel gittel says:

    Your sister will always be there to protect you and remind you of the bad things you conveniently forget!

  5. Melanie says:

    Happy to see this. Missed You!!

  6. Toddsley says:

    Ed, Good to see you back in the game

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