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Family Time

Warning: For those of you who only like the funny ones, you can stop reading now. July is my family time (hence the recent spate of nostalgic photos). I am fortunate that both of my parents are still healthy and active, and … Continue reading

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One of my favorite summer activities is fishing. The refreshing sea air. The sun glistening off the water. The struggle with a catch and anticipation to see its size. Fresh sashimi for lunch. A grilled fish dinner that night. One of my great memories … Continue reading

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Generation Gap

“Dad, do you know what a music festival is?! It’s a bunch of young people drinking, doing drugs and listening to music all day. Why would you want to go to that?” –my younger daughter in response to my inquiry … Continue reading

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Fort Knox

My daughter’s bank account is like Fort Knox. Impregnable. Money goes in. Nothing ever comes out. She has just completed her first year of full-time employment after graduating from college a year ago. During that year, we have been attempting to launch … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Do you love your parents as much as they love you? I never thought about this before I had my own kids. Amazed by each step. Excited by their discoveries. Sharing their triumphs. Frustrated by their struggles. Saddened by their disappointment.  Feeling their pain. … Continue reading

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