Father’s Day

Do you love your parents as much as they love you? I never thought about this before I had my own kids. Amazed by each step. Excited by their discoveries. Sharing their triumphs. Frustrated by their struggles. Saddened by their disappointment.  Feeling their pain. Worried when they are late, or sick, or hurt, or sad. Fearful for their future. Hoping they’ll make the right choices. Praying they’ll be happy. When I was the kid, I didn’t understand. Now that I’m a parent, I do. I love you Mom and Dad. Happy Father’s Day (and early for next year, Mother’s Day).

Note: Today I’m going to the Mets game with my daughter. Its something that I used to do with my Dad when I was the kid. 

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3 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Celine Lowrey says:

    Great post Eddie and love the picture of the girls.
    Happy Fathers Day!

  2. Phyllis C. Annunziato says:

    I love you too, Ed, But I hope you already new that! You are special to me and always have been from the day you were born!!!

  3. Sue Guiney says:

    Great photo! Happy fathers day to you, too — from a decidedly wintry London.

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