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Republican Reality

There is nothing like a good heavyweight fight live from Las Vegas. The only thing missing from last night’s rock ’em sock ’em Republican Presidential Primary Debate was the heavyweights (all of whom have decided against running). Last night’s debate was … Continue reading

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Morning Joe

When I’m in the USA, I start my day with Morning Joe. I love politics as much as sports. Ever since I played Abraham Lincoln in a grammar school play, I’ve been hooked on the to and fro of democracy painfully … Continue reading

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X Factor

Check out my daughter’s blog post on the UK’s new season of X Factor which started last night. See Live the London Life.

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One of the great things about summer is that you can get away with reading anything and no one will judge you. Just say it’s your beach book and you get a free pass. In fact, you rarely see someone at the … Continue reading

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Curb Your Screaming Kid

Where is Larry David when you need him? Tonight while my wife and I were having dinner at a local restaurant, there was a kid screaming for about twenty minutes while five adults (her two parents, her two grandparents and her nanny) … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy

Happy Birthday Lucy! Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old this weekend. My first memories of television are from watching Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel on I Love Lucy, and I’ve enjoyed watching the reruns ever since. Every generation can still enjoy … Continue reading

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I recently acquired a new audio/visual system with all the latest wireless digital bells and whistles for our renovated house in the Hamptons. The salesman assured me it was “idiot-proof”. I assume he did not intend this as a slur to my family … Continue reading

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