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The Endless Book

I am getting tired of my Kindle. I feel like I’ve been reading the same book for two years. I never feel like I’m getting near the end. Actually, I’ve read about twenty books on my Kindle in the last two … Continue reading

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I love baseball. I love movies. I loved Moneyball:The Art of Winning an Unfair Game (the book). I did not love Moneyball (the movie). The book was crisply paced, concisely but completely explaining the newfound impact of statistical analysis on the tactics of … Continue reading

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As summer fades so do the weekly releases of romantic comedies, action flicks and gross out movies in favor of the more serious festival films and potential Oscar nominees. One such example is Buck, an award-winning (Sundance Audience Award) documentary on the life … Continue reading

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One of the great things about summer is that you can get away with reading anything and no one will judge you. Just say it’s your beach book and you get a free pass. In fact, you rarely see someone at the … Continue reading

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Checks and Balances

Over the past several weeks, most Americans were appalled and frustrated as we watched our government struggle to avert a financial crisis of its own making.  In my view, however, Americans should be heartened by recent events. What we witnessed was our government operating exactly … Continue reading

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