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I am lost. I got in a fight with my GPS. It kept telling me to go in a direction that I thought was wrong. It had a woman’s voice so I didn’t trust it to give me directions. I … Continue reading

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Sunset Bitch

Sunset Beach is the epitome of the worst aspects of summer in the Hamptons, arrogant, obnoxious and devoid of even the minimum standard for service. And it isn’t even in the Hamptons. It’s in Shelter Island, so you have to make … Continue reading

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One of my favorite summer activities is fishing. The refreshing sea air. The sun glistening off the water. The struggle with a catch and anticipation to see its size. Fresh sashimi for lunch. A grilled fish dinner that night. One of my great memories … Continue reading

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Ice Cream (Gelato)

Do you consider ice cream a summer treat? Not me. For me, it’s a basic food group. I know some of you feel the same way. Admit it! I have been with at least one of you when we tasted every straciatella gelato … Continue reading

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My wife and I love the beach. A beach somewhere has been at the center of many special memories. Here are some of my favorites. Tell us about some of yours. The Hamptons: We have a house in Bridgehampton that we love … Continue reading

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Casual Hamptons Restaurants

Summertime means casual. For me, some of the best places to eat in the Hamptons are the most casual. Here are some of my favorites: Candy Kitchen, corner of Main (Route 27) and School Streets, Bridgehampton, old-fashioned luncheonette, a long-standing … Continue reading

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Peeing on Buses and Trains

Warning! Mom, you won’t like this one! Most men cannot resist the challenge of trying to hit the target when peeing on a moving bus or train. It must be the same impulse that gives rise to the popularity of … Continue reading

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