Wisdom Teeth

I love my wisdom teeth. We go way back. They’ve been with me through a lot. But for some reason, they piss off my dentist. I think he just doesn’t like reaching so far back to check them out. Every time I see him, he tells me that he wants to take them out before they cause a problem. I tell him they are my favorite teeth and they haven’t caused a problem yet. In general, I don’t plan to remove any body parts as a precautionary measure.

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3 Responses to Wisdom Teeth

  1. cousin Jamie says:

    The picture you posted absolutely made my day! I cannot stop laughing!!!!

  2. Alexandra says:

    That’s a funny coincidence! I just had one removed today and then I had a huge fight with the dentist because his nurses threw the tooth away without asking me if I wanted to keep it, and now I won’t get anything from the tooth-fairy!!!

  3. My dentist tells me that my wisdom teeth are a liability and that they should come out before they are a problem. I tell him that we’ll jump off that bridge when it’s on fire. I agree with you…no removing body parts for precautionary purposes.

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