I hate strawberries. They conjure an image of the red, bulbous, pockmarked nose of a rheumy-eyed weathered and wizened old sailor or, worse, Bill Clinton. I hate it when restaurants use strawberries as a garnish, cut and bleeding all over an otherwise perfect fruit plate or slice of cheese cake. I hate it when I sit near a woman wearing strawberry-scented lip gloss or perfume; I would rather be sitting on a packed airline flight in economy class with a cabin full of unwashed refugees. Hating strawberries and living in England is like an Eskimo living in Barbados. They really should have strawberry tasting as part of the UK citizenship test. I can’t go to Wimbledon, Henley, Royal Ascot, a dinner party or business/charity event without being faced with strawberries everywhere. And smoked or poached salmon too. Which I also hate!

What foods do you hate?

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Chelsea Fan at Yankee Stadium

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Morning Joe

When I’m in the USA, I start my day with Morning Joe. I love politics as much as sports. Ever since I played Abraham Lincoln in a grammar school play, I’ve been hooked on the to and fro of democracy painfully working its magic. I stay up all night watching election returns even for the mid-term elections. So with the Yankees finished for 2011, and the Giants and Jets off to sputtering starts, and Chelsea an ocean away, and another Presidential election campaign underway, I’m totally committed to Morning Joe from 6am to 9am ET every weekday morning on MSNBC.

Morning Joe is hosted by Joe Scarborough, a boy’s boy former conservative Republican congressman from Florida, who has evolved into an eclectic, independent, right-leaning moderate as the Republican Party has moved dramatically to the right over the last several years. Joe is balanced against co-host Mika Brzezinski, left-leaning champion of the mommy issues and daughter of former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose principal role is to drive me mad and remind me that, in a democracy, other people get to vote too. Joe and Mika are joined by co-host Willie Geist, a Vandy grad and avid sports fan (sound familiar?), who keeps things moving while adding some youth and humor.

The format is three hours of relatively unstructured free-flowing chat and interviews about politics with some regular guests of multiple perspectives (a unique phenomenon on MSNBC!) periodically sitting in to join the fray. So if you like politics, or just want to keep up with the mood of the country, come join me every morning for a cup of Joe. (See also Morning Coffee).

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People tell me that blogging is egotistical. Well, no kidding! Why else would I be sitting here writing this if I didn’t think what I had to say wasn’t important enough for you to waste two minutes of your day on? Why else would I be posting pictures of myself at all ages, weights and haircuts for your amusement if I didn’t think I was pretty damn cute? Why else would I be telling you about my family if I didn’t think they were special? Why else would I be writing about movies, books, theatre, music and restaurants if I didn’t think you cared what I liked? But most important, why are you still reading this if you think I have an inflated view of my self-importance? And why are you smiling?

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The Versatile Blogger Award

A nice compliment from a new reader. See

The Versatile Blogger Award.

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