Pool Towels

We got new pool towels. You may recall that the person who brings order to my universe (not to be mistaken for my wife) has been keeping abreast of the latest developments in towel technology (see Gym Towels). Hence, the arrival of a new matching set of fluffy pool towels, each with the unique feature of having a different number embroidered on it. This feature allows us to issue each house guest a single pool towel with their own number for their entire visit. It will not be washed no matter how long you stay. You bring it with you to the pool, the beach, fishing, kayaking, on picnics… If you forget your number, you will remain wet until you leave.

Now that we have the numbered pool towels, I am thinking about providing each guest an entire survival kit upon arrival, with their own mess kit, water bottle, toiletries, etc. to end all the confusion, washing and waste. In fact, I may also give them each a pint of ice cream and their own fruit pie to keep them out of mine.

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3 Responses to Pool Towels

  1. skididdle gittel says:

    Ciao Bella Triple espresso gelato

  2. cousin Jamie says:

    I’m bringing my own next monday and they won’t be numbered. This blog certainly helps when a visit is on the horizon, I now know what to and not to bring……and what ice cream flavors would be most welcomed!

  3. k8edid says:

    Your wife is brilliant. I’m stealing this idea. Now if I only had a pool.

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