It’s Complicated

Married. That’s my relationship status on Facebook (and in real life). If you are a Facebook user, you already know that when you fill out your profile, you are asked to designate your relationship status. You are given a list of options to choose from, most of which are relatively straightforward, like single, married, engaged, widowed, divorced, separated, etc. But one of the options puzzles me–“It’s Complicated”.

Are you straight but think you might be gay? Or gay but maybe straight? Bicurious or biconfused? Still in love with your ex-girlfriend who got a court order to keep you away? In love with yourself? In love with your best friend? or your best friend’s partner? or your dog? Open to an upgrade? Bored and searching Facebook for old flames? Just plain cheating? I wonder why anyone would choose this option. Death wish? What relationship isn’t complicated (except maybe two straight men eating nachos and watching football)? Does your spouse/partner/lover/friend know you feel this way, or is this the first they are hearing about it? If it is, then you better change your status to “It’s Over.”

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3 Responses to It’s Complicated

  1. Nicole says:

    Do you really want your 500+ friends on Facebook to know that your relationship is complicated? Such a status is really more appropriate for your selected inner circles on Google+

  2. James Dale says:

    My relationship life is definitely complicated – none of the responses fit, so in love with Fast Eddie has to be the best choice. How is Billy Ball the book? I have heard the movie is great.



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