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In Love with October

Is it OK to love two months? Does that make me a calendulterer? Will September ever forgive me (see Summer’s Best Kept Secret), if I admit that I love October more? October brings the Major League Baseball playoffs and World … Continue reading

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Ever notice all the experts in your life? You don’t have to look very far. It really hit home in the run up to Hurricane Irene. In addition to the TV weathermen standing on every beach on the east coast of … Continue reading

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Knick Knacks

Our house is filled with knick knacks. No surface area is left barren. Shelves, coffee tables, end tables–all covered with mementos, keepsakes, souvenirs, ceramics, and antiques (other people’s old junk). We’ve got Majolica ceramic monkeys, scores of tartan accessories, ivory combs, Limoges porcelain, … Continue reading

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The Husband Chair

Every good women’s retailer knows about the husband chair. Having a wife and two daughters, I am very well-acquainted with it, since any free time in an outing can explode into a two-hour shopping diversion. The husband chair is the place where … Continue reading

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I have an iPhone, a Blackberry, three land lines with answering machines, three fax/scanners, an iPad, a laptop and two desktops. But I never answer the phone or call anybody. (See The Telephone.) So why, you might ask, do I need all … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

Married. That’s my relationship status on Facebook (and in real life). If you are a Facebook user, you already know that when you fill out your profile, you are asked to designate your relationship status. You are given a list of options to choose … Continue reading

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Summer’s Best Kept Secret

September is summer’s best kept secret. The Summerfolk have gone and the kids have returned to school, leaving the East End of Long Island to the locals, the tradesmen and the retirees who’ve yet to flee south for the winter. The roads are … Continue reading

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