In Love with October

Is it OK to love two months? Does that make me a calendulterer? Will September ever forgive me (see Summer’s Best Kept Secret), if I admit that I love October more? October brings the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series, the fresh spirit of my local high school football team, weekend morning rendezvous with Fox Soccer Channel to keep up with my Chelsea Blues, Sundays with the NFL and, this year, the Rugby World Cup. October brings the Hamptons International Film Festival, apple pie and cider, hearty vegetable soup, carving pumpkins and kids jumping in piles of leaves. October brings bike rides in crisp clear autumn air, walks on wind-swept vacant beaches, and brisk kayak rides at dusk or daybreak. October brings a deserted golf course just for me. October brings Halloween. And October brings a vibrant palette of yellows, reds, and oranges bursting from a background filled with hundreds of shades of green. Sorry September, it’s time to move on. I love October.

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2 Responses to In Love with October

  1. October says:

    Sure. And next month it will be all “November”. I know your type!

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