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One of my favorite summer activities is fishing. The refreshing sea air. The sun glistening off the water. The struggle with a catch and anticipation to see its size. Fresh sashimi for lunch. A grilled fish dinner that night. One of my great memories … Continue reading

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More Golf Lessons

My wife and I were playing golf with another couple who we had just recently met. Both of the wives were beginners. The other husband paid close attention to his wife’s attempt to master the game, giving her tips and advice … Continue reading

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I’m headed to Yankee Stadium, one of my favorite places. For the next three days, I will be eating hot dogs and watching the New York Yankees play the defending American League champion Texas Rangers, hoping to see Yankee captain … Continue reading

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Peeing on Buses and Trains

Warning! Mom, you won’t like this one! Most men cannot resist the challenge of trying to hit the target when peeing on a moving bus or train. It must be the same impulse that gives rise to the popularity of … Continue reading

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Golf Lessons

I played golf with my parents today. The familiar routine of this activity provides a certain timeless comfort, akin to eating meatloaf and mashed potatoes or watching I Love Lucy reruns. My father always shows up an hour early with … Continue reading

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Taking My Talents to South Beach (NBA Finals)

As a newly-minted part-time south Florida resident, I have decided to take my rooting talents to South Beach and jump on the Miami Heat bandwagon. I will not be announcing this on a nationwide prime-time television special. I’m just posting … Continue reading

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Champions League Final Prelude

One of the greatest sporting events I ever attended was the 1999 Champions League Final at Camp Nou in Barcelona in which Manchester United faced a very strong Bayern Munich team. That Bayern Munich side featured some of the greatest … Continue reading

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