Fast Eddie’s Progress

Today marks the three-month anniversary of Slowin’ Down with Fast Eddie. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement so far. I’m having fun. I hope I’m making you smile. Slowin’ Down has enabled me to keep in touch with friends and family who I don’t often get to see (as well as those I see every day!). It has also reached old friends and colleagues who I haven’t seen or heard from for many years. It has even reached new friends that I have yet to meet. Amazingly, despite my writing 100 posts over three months, Slowin’ Down alienates far fewer people than I do in real life. So I will no longer be seeing people in person. If you want to get in touch, just post a comment and send pictures.

So far Slowin’ Down with Fast Eddie has over 11,000 cumulative page views, with over 1,000 page views in just the past week alone. There are currently 60 email subscribers who receive posts directly by email. On average each post receives 2 1/2 comments directly on the blog and many others on Facebook or Linked-In, plus lots of emails from those of you who are too shy to expose your thoughts publicly (I don’t blame you). The most-viewed posts so far have been Ice Cream (Gelato), Dad’s 80th Birthday, Fort Knox, My Younger Daughter, and Burgers. What was your favorite (see poll below)?

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5 Responses to Fast Eddie’s Progress

  1. ChrisH says:

    The picture is the Ed I remember. Enjoying your posts and wondering why I can’t spend my time in London and the Hamptons and Boca (OK, maybe not Boca). Anyway some comments
    Best Chinese Food in London – Formosa on Fulham Road across from Fulham Broadway tube
    (not the best Chinese Restaurant though)
    Best Burgers: Paul Webers on Hwy 11 on the way to Muskoka!
    Why no posts on late nights and the limelight?

    Enjoy the rest of the summer

  2. toddsley says:

    Ed, that picture needs to go. you could do so much better

  3. Frank says:

    I don’t think Eddie majored in math. With 1,000 page views last week, that would extrapolate to 12,000 over the last 12 weeks (three months). And that is no where close to the 11 MILLION that he claims above. He could get a job working for the government.

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